Liar’s Baseball?

Michael Lewis, author of the classic Liar’s Poker, has a new book out that tracks Billy Beane and his efforts to build a successful and affordable team over the course of the 2002 season. I have not yet read the book, so I can’t recommend it, but I’ll be sure to read it before I pick up Hillary Clinton’s new addition to the literary world.

4 thoughts on “Liar’s Baseball?”

  1. Wow, that Hillary really has Kiner riled up!
    He makes sure to mention a book, that he’s never even read…in a post about a book, that he might never read.
    Was it a pointless post, or was the point of the post just to take another jab at Hillary?
    Tomorrow, Kiner will “review” Robert Angell’s latest…just to point out that he’ll make sure he buys it before Blumenthal’s take on the Clinton presidency!

  2. Umm, … no. I actually have MoneyBall and have started reading it. Given Lewis’ past works, the prominence of Beane’s management style, and the baseball content on the site, I thought it was worthwhile to quickly point out, even prior to completing it, a new book that would be of interest to visiters of this site. And, given that I’m posting about a new book, after the saturation of Hillary in this week’s news, the reference is inevitable.

  3. I have read Moneyball and it is a fantastic book. I would recommend it to anyone with even the slightest interest in baseball. One thing I wonder about: How is Billy Beane ever going to trade with anyone again?

  4. A new book? Informing the visitors to the site?
    Admit it Kiner, the post was inane. By this time a visitor to a baseball blog who has not heard of Moneyball is like a parent with elementary school children not knowing that the new Harry Potter is coming out this Saturday.
    I find it interesting that you’ve actually started to read the book…less than five hours earlier you had stated that you hadn’t read the book.
    If at that time you had actually started to read the book, you could’ve at least let us in on your thoughts of it thus far. Otherwise, considering how long the book has already been out couldn’t you have waited the week or so it would take you to finish it to make a post with a more thorough recommendation?
    Looks to me like just another opportunity to take a pot shot at Hillary Clinton. I had grown to expect more from this site.
    PS – I currently own, but have not yet read, Moneyball and I do not plan on owning, nor ever reading, the new book by Hillary Clinton. I do admit that I have the new Blumenthal memoir of the Clinton presidency. Although I’m definitely more inclined to defend Clinton than criticize him, and I do criticize him “liberally”, I fully expect this book to be biased.
    Unfortunately, we wouldn’t have a whole lot to choose from if we limited our selections to unbiased memoirs.

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