One thought on “El Rushbo”

  1. The truth will out. OxyContin is merely a potent, long acting form of oxycodone HCl, a popular white blue collar drug ,often used to emeliorate the pains of long hours of hard physical labor. It never bore much stigma in the USA, all other opioid analgesics having been eclipsed by the absolute negation of heroin here in 1914 which gave it an infamous and dark yet undeserved status. Strong opioids are more similar than they are different. All the same, you can bet your grandma that Rush would dance naked at the Democratic Convention before trying Heroin. Its association with the black male sociopath would be more than old Rush could bare.
    OxyContin’s long term potent formulation made it ideal for a media panic. It simply replaced Percocet among suburban blue collar and rural folks who had a taste for oxycodone HCl. Oh, by the way the dollar a milligram price so hyped by the media would make an 80mg Oxycontin pill cost $80!!!
    Hillbilly Heroin? How about “Beverly Hillbilly Heroin”!!
    But back to Rush. It is of interest that the same drug (called Eukodol) in Europe, was a favorite of Hermann Goering. Now given that Rush couldn’t fill the Field Marshall’s jackboots, it is interesting to look at what drugs a person uses, how and with whom.
    We live in a world where people no longer believe in paradise as a real entity filling space and existing in time. Drugs are the paradise that one simply adds water to and abides in for awhile. A pocket paradise so to speak.
    Oxycodone, once was considered a speedball-in-one. Like heroin and coke mixed. So if one wishes to develop his vision of an ideal world, devoid of the Other, (Blacks, Jews, Queers. etc.) this drug can at least supply the euphoria that is your hypothetical Utopia’s reward. The Oceanic feeling prevails, and all is unstained sameness. There’s euphoria, yes, when Hatred triumphs and unveils itself all will understand that they were mistaken, for now Justice walks among us. Her sandals still crush the skulls of the weak.
    The drug promotes tireless labor. Its stimulant effect banishs self-reflection and doubt. A good drug for right-wing leaders and pundits!
    I’m not saying that there is such thing as a right-wing drug. (It would be interesting to reflect on the uses that Walter Benjamin or William Burroughs or Jerry Lewis for that matter (who was dependant on the drug for over a decade), found for Oxycodone.
    The Republicans seem to have a clear sense of the inseperable relationship between that which is absolutely forbidden and that which one desires more than anything in the world. And it is no mystery that the more things which are completely forbidden, under threat of pain and punishment, the more things we desire. Before the Harrison act of 1914, there were perhaps 4 or 5 derivatives of opium. Immediately after the passage of that law
    there was a veritable explosion of new opioids. Oxycodone HCl was born in those days and is emerging as a drug with much to say about its moment in history.

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