95 Years

Maybe it’s just me, but the Cubs’ postgame celebration didn’t look like a team celebrating the death of a semi-artifical 95-year-old monkey on their backs; they seemed rather subdued (albeit not like the Yankees, who looked like they were looking for the clock to go punch out their time cards). FOX’s focus on the 95 years since the Cubs won a postseason series was a neat storyline, but the players seem uninterested in it — which is as it should be. It’s Dusty’s job to keep them focused on the real goal, which is ending that other 95-year drought since the Cubbies were Champions of the World.
In the meantime, if you’re looking to brush up on your Cubs history, my column here profiles the 1918 Cubs (among other teams), while this post notes that the team the Cubs beat in the 1908 pennant race on the notorious Fred Merkle “boner” play — the 1908 Giants –was actually the greatest on-base machine, relative to their league, of the past 110 years.
(For a laugh, go here and read me actually taking seriously the possibility of the Red Sox trading Trot Nixon for Sammy Sosa).