If you’re wondering, no baseball blogging this morning because I was tied up with work and other stuff and didn’t get to see much of the Cubs-Marlins game last night, which had the look of an instant classic (with Mike Lowell channeling Kirk Gibson). Al Leiter seemed a bit nervous and soft-spoken but insightful in the little I caught of his commentary; more on that later in the NLCS.

One thought on “Pass”

    That name, THAT NAME! I hadn’t thought of the Hated Dodger in a record 3 weeks, and there you go, sending my blood pressure up to levels sufficient to douse a 90th-story penthouse fire from the street…….
    I guess some things will always hurt. I shall divert my thoughts by picturing myself dousing a 90th-story penthouse fire…and being thanked profusely and vigorously by the residents of said penthouse, who interestingly enough were penthouse “models”……

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