I Think Baseball Is Trying To Kill Us

I really, after rooting my guts out against both of these teams, didn’t think there was any way I’d get emotionally involved in this World Series, and although I’ve been in a Yankee-hating rut I managed to skim by Games 1-3 without doing so. But tonight (like Aaron after Game 1) it was all there again: Clemens, a big comeback, an extra-inning marathon, the specter of Mariano, a walk-off homer. Man, I’m exhausted.
I’ve been skeptical of the Marlins’ ability to stay with the Yankees, and they needed this game to make this a series; now we’ve got one, and it will head back to the Bronx to end it all.
A handful of thoughts during the game:
I liked Derrek Lee’s attempt to fake the pickoff throw getting away in the first inning — he did this spin move where he looked like the ball had been overthrown — but Soriano wouldn’t bite. . . Bottom 1, they’re getting sappy about Clemens already. But this might not be his last appearance; presumably he’ll be ready to relieve in Game 7 (on 3 days rest) if it goes that far, and maybe Game 6 as well. . . . the Thundersticks are back! . . . that kid who caught Cabrera’s homer looked pretty psyched . . . Clemens looked early like he had nothing; I was ecstatic when I saw Weaver get up in the first . . . they showed the list of guys who had 4 or more World Series wins and were undefeated, and except for Jack Coombs they were all Yankees . . . Bernie slapped the first pitch of the second for a single so effortlessly you’d think he was hitting off a tee . . . they keep comparing Clemens going out while still effective to Koufax or Jim Brown, but that’s ridiculous; those guys were young and still the best in the game. They mentioned Elway, who’s a better comp . . . I have to say, Clemens really isn’t a bad hitter for a guy who rarely swings a bat . . . Carl Pavano showed tonight what the Expos saw when they traded Pedro for him and Tony Armas . . . yup, Urbina’s still got the Red Sox thing going . . . top of 10, Buck & McCarver talked about Jeter swinging for the fences with two outs, but it looks like Chad Fox had the same thought since he went way up and in on the first pitch . . . they mentioned Giambi having just 5 RBI in the postseason, but he deserves plenty of the credit for winning Game 7 against the Sox for those two homers; they’ve been a bit overshadowed . . . it’s still wierd to see people dripping sweat and fans in tank tops for October baseball . . . I thought for sure Cabrera would end the game in the bottom of the tenth . . . I agreed with McCarver that it was crazy to walk the bases loaded and then bring in Looper cold with no margin for error, but he sure made McKeon look good . . . not to cast aspersions on the guy, but Weaver looks stoned; it’s just the overall look, with the narrow eyes, the pasty complexion, the scruffy hair and the cap pulled down too far . . . now, both Alex Gonzalezes are heroes in Florida.