Wells Falls Down On The Job

Two questions about the Yankees’ Game 5 fiasco:
*If David Wells knew before the game that his back felt bad, why didn’t he tell Torre to have somebody up in the bullpen just in case? Why did Contreras apparently come in without being properly warmed up?
*Isn’t it possible that Wells’ back tightening up had something to do with the fact that his last start was on one day of rest, awfully short rest for an aging pitcher who’s already not the picture of fitness?

One thought on “Wells Falls Down On The Job”

  1. One of Torre’s strengths is that he is a “player’s manager,” but the downside of that is that when you trust your players to do the job (which, to be fair, the Yanks under Torre have done exceptionally well) and they let you down, it reflects poorly on the manager.

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