My G-G-Generation, N-R

Nothing sets this site apart quite like my ability to start things I never get around to finishing. But let’s see if we can’t push to the finish line my series looking at famous people in my generation, i.e., born between October 1969-October 1973; here’s Part IV of V. (If you’re interested, check out Part I, Part II and Part III).
Robb Nen, MLB
Phil Nevin, MLB
Gena Lee Nolin, actress
Ed O’Bannon, NBA
Chris O’Donnell, actor
Chad Ogea, MLB
Shaquille O’Neal, NBA
Rey Ordonez, MLB
Terrell Owens, NFL
Gwyneth Paltrow, actress
Chan Ho Park, MLB
Jay Payton, MLB
Barry Pepper, actor
Amanda Peterson, actress
Andy Pettitte, MLB
Kristie Phillips, gymnast
River Phoenix, actor
Martha Plimpton, actress
Jorge Posada, MLB
Megyn Price, actress
Bill Pulsiher, MLB
Brad Radke, MLB
Manny Ramirez, MLB
Gabrielle Reece, volleyball
Trista Rehn, bachelorette
Errict Rhett, NFL
Arthur Rhodes, MLB
Manon Rheume, hockey
Alfonso Ribiero, actor
Denise Richards, actress
JR Rider, NBA
Kelly Ripa, actress/talk show host
Mariano Rivera, MLB
Willie Roaf, NFL
Dave Roberts, MLB
Grant Roberts, MLB
Glenn Robinson, NBA
Felix Rodriguez, MLB
Ivan Rodriguez, MLB
Elisabeth Rohm, actress
Rebecca Romjin-Stamos, model
Jalen Rose, NBA
Kirk Rueter, MLB
Winona Ryder, actress
For men of my generation, even old married guys like me, all you have to do is say the name “Amanda Peterson,” and you’re 16 again . . . yes, it was less than a decade ago when Ed O’Bannon was in college . . . Barry Pepper is just one of several of the guys on this list who played the soldiers in “Saving Private Ryan”; that movie hit guys like me so hard in part because we were just the age of the cast. By now, I’d identify more with Hanks . . . River Phoenix has been dead for many years now, and as Bill James once said, you can’t get older than dead.