Lowered Expectations

Karl Rove must dream, in the says leading up to the first debate, of stories like this:

New York’s state Democratic Party chairman derided President Bush on Monday as “simple” and “that simplistic gentleman up there in the White House with his one- and two-syllable answers.”

And remind me why someone who gets snookered this badly by the mere threat to pull out of one debate should be trusted to negotiate with Iranian mullahs and crazy Kim.
Then again, Dales warns that the history of pre-debate polls and their power to predict the general election result doesn’t necessarily support the idea that the debates are as influential as everyone thinks.

3 thoughts on “Lowered Expectations”

  1. Speaking of lowered expectations, I noticed that Matt Yglesias stopped his three year “Bush is stupid, I went to Dalton & Harvard” jihad and began to spin that Bush would ‘of course’ win all three debates.
    You know things are bad when you’re having to give pep talks to your blog readers, even more so when you have to ignore what you’ve said for three straight years.

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