Let Down

Even though I know this site has a bunch of Red Sox fan readers, from the perspective of a neutral fan, mainly looking to watch entertaining, competitive baseball, I must confess to being pretty disappointed in this World Series. Thus far, it�s been one-sided, sloppy and anti-climactic.
Of course, I�m sure I would feel differently if my team was on the verge of its first championship in 86 years. Or maybe I�m just grumpy because I had such high hopes and because my prediction now appears to have been far off. But it is looking like it�s over � we all know teams can�t come back from down 3-0�right?

2 thoughts on “Let Down”

  1. Alright. I’ll bite. I have avoided saying this for fear of sounding like either an ingrate, a gloating fan or last of all, “jinxing” the Sox, but this WS has really lacked any of the excitement of the ALCS of the last two years, or even the ALDS last year. I didn’t watch any of the NL playoffs this year, but they sounded like they were exciting…
    I don’t know if I’m addicted to the slow torture of drawn-out extra-inning games and the possibilty of things unravelling at any moment, but it just hasn’t been there for me this WS.
    I feel pretty comfortable with the 3-0 lead, and I don’t think the Cards have shown much to this point that they have four wins in them. I don’t know if it’s anti-climactic after vanquishing the Yankees, especially in such dramatic fashion, or if it’s the seeming one-sidedness of the WS so far. It might be the distraction of the election, but, I want this Series over with, a win in the books and then I can move onto the GOTV and election-related things that are constantly wieghing on me as I sit idly by watching baseball.
    I might feel diferently when it actually happens (Sox winning it all), but to this point, I’m not enjoying this nearly as much as I thought I would…

  2. I couldn’t disagree more. It would be different, I suppose, if I weren’t a citizen of Red Sox Nation. But watching the excellence of the Red Sox – especially this year’s Red Sox – is always exciting to me. I suppose it would be even more exciting if the Cardinals were also playing the great baseball that they are capable of, but it’s plenty entertaining for me just the way it is.
    The day after the Sox won the ALCS, out of a triumphant fan’s joyful exuberance (not on the basis of dispassionate analysis), I predicted that the Red Sox would win the World Series in four games. Perhaps it is out of loyalty to my own crazy prediction, but the closer the Red Sox come to proving me right, the more delighted I am.

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