BASEBALL/ Schilling for Bush

I’m going to offer a perhaps-unexpected (to new readers, at least) point here and say that now is not the time, and a puff-piece interview on Good Morning America was not the place, for Curt Schilling to stump for President Bush. The stakes in this election are indeed life and death, and of course I welcome Schilling’s endorsement. But:
1. I’ve long been infuriated by entertainers who stick their politics into a venue (interviews, concerts, etc.) where I’m expecting to just be entertained, as opposed to presenting a political argument in a political context. That should go for conservatives in sports and entertainment just as much as liberals. There’s a reason why, despite the baseball/politics mix on this site, I labor to keep the two types of content clearly marked.
2. Sox fans are celebrating right now, and, let’s be frank, a lot of them are Democrats. Don’t spoil that with politics, no matter the cause; just don’t (more on that idea here).
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6 thoughts on “BASEBALL/ Schilling for Bush”

  1. Normally I would concur that we don’t need entertainers preaching to us about global warming or world peace, etc. However, I can understand some of the very few conservative entertainers wanting to speak up in an attempt to counter the notion that they are all leftist moonbats.

  2. Conservative athletes, unlike conservative entertainers, are not generally much of a minority in their field.
    I have mixed feelings. Schilling has every right to say what he wants and is free to campaign to with Bush – as he is doing – but, yeah, GMA might not have been the place for it…

  3. I’m a lifelong RSN member, here’s why I liked it:
    Kerry has been oportunisticly jumping on the Sox publicity tour. Showing up at games and wearing the hat. “See me I’m the underdog too, red sox won vote for me” Ugh. If anyone is ruining it for us its him. BSG wanted to bounce Falon and Barrymore from the nbandwagon, can Kerry get bounced too?
    Schilling does his thing, always has. I can’t expect the man to stop being himself since being him is a large reason RS won.
    I’m pro Bush.
    FWIW this was on 96.9 in Boston on Jay Seavern’s program from a caller: “At the bar we were at a Kerry ad came on right after the game. Just about ruined my great night when people started cheering, until more people started booing and drowned out and silenced the cheers.” We’re really not as liberal up here as people think. We have Mitt Romney (R) as a governor. I think the Democrat ticket is strong more so than the policies of the goverment.

  4. We know about Brady and Schilling supporting Bush, have any prominent Boston-area sports figures campaigned with Kerry?

  5. Tom Werner who has a minority stake in the sox is pro Kerry. And was campaigning for him during the Red Sox playoff run. Also there is a sports radio rumor this morning the Schilling is backing of plans to campaign for Bush due to pressure from Tom Werner et al.

  6. Schilling is, as far as I know, skipping active campaigning on doctor orders. He put off the surgery too long already. I do not know Schilling all that well but I don’t he (or any other rich ballplayers) drop their values as soon as their boss applies a little pressure. He seems hard-headed enough that if Werner pushed him Schilling would be more determined to campaign.

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