Rivera for Guillen

I have to say the Angels got the better end of the deal that sent Jose Guillen to the Washington Nationals for Juan Rivera and prospect Macier Izturis (younger brother of Cesar Izturis). I don’t know much about Izturis, but Guillen and Rivera are both the same general type of player – relatively free-swinging right-handed sluggers with a good arm – but Rivera is two years younger, makes a fraction of the money, and doesn’t come with Guillen’s clubhouse headaches. And Rivera finished with a flourish last year; in his first extended action as an everyday player, he batted .358/.526/418 after the All-Star Break. Given that Guillen himself has only been a productive regular for two seasons, I’d rather have Rivera even before you factor in the money, let alone when you toss in a 24-year-old shortstop who batted .338 in AAA last year.

2 thoughts on “Rivera for Guillen”

  1. It’s been interesting reading the reaction to this trade. There are some that love it and some who hate it.
    Initially, I thought the Nats got screwed for the same reasons–not enough improvement for the additional dollars spent.
    But, Guillen IS an offensive upgrade–at least to this point in their careers. If Guillen doesn’t go all Artest on the Nats, he’s got a chance to be a better bat.
    Yes, the one or two million extra dollars would be nice, but given Jim Bowden’s other signings, I’m not sure he’d know what to do with the extra money anyway. Hello, Rheal Cormier!

  2. I said the same thing over at Musings, when Pinto said DC made a great trade. The Angels got younger and cheaper, and didn’t lose a bit of talent, and also got rid of a potential fruitcake.

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