Charley Steiner Gets Traded To Melrose Place

Well, not quite, but the erstwhile Yankee radio man and SportsCenter anchor is off to Chavez Ravine, where he’ll replace Ross Porter and share a booth with Rick Monday for Dodger broadcasts; they will alternate with Vin Scully, who works alone. From MLB’s report:

Steiner, a New York native, said the first game he heard on a big Zenith radio at the age of 6 had Scully calling the Brooklyn Dodgers from Ebbets Field.

Link via Bookworm, who speculates that beat reporter Suzyn Waldman may take Steiner’s place in the booth; I’m fairly certain she’d be the first woman to broadcast games on a regular basis for a New York baseball team.

2 thoughts on “Charley Steiner Gets Traded To Melrose Place”

  1. Why did Charley Steiner leave the Yankee radio broadcasting team? I know he’s now with the Dodgers, but I don’t know why.

  2. It was just that he’d had a 3-year deal, and the 3 years
    was up. It couldn’t continue because Charley is a self-
    professed play by play man. Since most of the play by
    play is done by Sterling, it didn’t make much sense.
    I’m shocked to hear Charley on the Dodgers and on XM—he sounds just fine. He was a completely different
    person when he was paired up with Sterling, whom I
    like a lot.

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