Following The Glavine Trail

Well, this would put the Mets one Mike Mussina acquisition from ensuring that no active pitcher wins 300 games . . .The fourth year for Pedro strikes me as the one year too many. I’m more encouraged by the fact that they’re pursuing Delgado and Sexson, especially now that they wouldn’t need to surrender draft choices to get Delgado (I’d rather have Sexson, although he may be close to signing with Seattle).
UPDATE: At least the Mets aren’t doing anything nearly as stupid as trading Carlos Lee for Scott Podsednik. The mind staggers at that one.
SECOND UPDATE: It certainly looks like this is happening, given Larry Lucchino’s email referring to Pedro’s Red Sox tenure in the past tense.

9 thoughts on “Following The Glavine Trail”

  1. The only way the Lee trade makes sense is you’re playing Fantasy Baseball. The Last I checked the White Sox are playing on a real field, with uniforms and everything…

  2. What’s wrong with Lee for Posednick? Posednick can hit, run, and is better defensively, and will add much-needed speed to their offense, making it easier to score runs consistently. Their offense was much too reliant on home runs, so trading away power to get speed makes perfect sense to me. And I’m not speaking as a White Sox fan, because I’m not.

  3. What’s wrong with Scott Podsednik is that the only thing that he does better than Lee is steal bases. Podsednik is fast but not a good fielder. Lee not only hits more home runs but he gets more hits period. The 2004 version of Scott Podsednik with the .313 OBP out of the leadoff spot was much more consistent with Podsednik’s minor league numbers than the 2003 version.
    But, yes the White Sox offense will be more consistent with Podsednik. Consistently bad that is.

  4. I can’t wait to see Pedro have to bat against the Yankees in interleague play after throwing at them for so many years.

  5. There was another player involved in the deal as the White Sox also got Luis Vizcaino. Not a shabby reliever at all and given the teams luck with closers lately he might wind up saving games for them.
    Why did everyone miss this in their analysis?

  6. We’ll take Scotty back for Carlos, anytime you completely short-sighted Sox fans want to trade. Scott was a big part of you getting to the Series.
    But, as an NL’er, GO ‘STROS!!!

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