Spanning the Globe, 12/19/04

* Orin Kerr looks at some sloppy reporting of a recent survey about �civil liberties� and Muslim-Americans. (Via The Corner).
* A new RAND study has some good suggestions for winning the ideological component of the War on Terror.
* I�m no expert on military logistics, but Powerline has a link to an Army press conference that puts the armor issue in some useful context. (Via Instapundit).
* On the other hand, as critics of Donald Rumsfeld go, Greg Djerejian is among the most credible. (Via Just One Minute).
* The evidence against Ali Hassan al-Majid (a.k.a. �Chemical Ali�) is finally being aired. It is about time.
* Finally, Indiana Jones and the Battle for Fallujah?
UPDATE: Speaking of context, I�m curious as to the context of attacks against Rumsfeld for writing, but not personally signing, some �condolence� letters. In World War II, did George Marshall? In Vietnam, did Robert McNamara? In the Gulf War, did Dick Cheney? In Somalia, did Les Aspin? I honestly don�t know and would like to. There is an issue of time, but it does seem to me that a personalized letter from a subordinate would be preferable to a form letter from the Secretary. Anyway, it does sound a little tacky, but some context is necessary for me to know if this is something that is at all unique to Rumsfeld.