7 thoughts on “The Benefits of Steroids”

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  2. I can, at least, understand the motivation of someone who needs to cheat just to be the losingest pitcher making major league money. Guys like Franklin need to be tested and punished when caught, but I don’t have the same level of contempt for them that I do for the big guys who cheat.

  3. There are plenty of health reasons for banning steroids, but other than building muscle (turning a guy with warning track power into a homer hitter), how does it help a baseball player? Does it grow fast-twitch muscles for better bat speed? Improve finger muscles so you can throw a sharper curve? Give you keen eyesight so you can pick up the ball better? Make you smarter so you can out-think the pitcher? I’ve not been convinced it helps in any way other than strength. Where is the proof that using steroids gives you a material advantage?

  4. Yes, it does make you faster. That’s why sprinters take them (Ben Johnson). They also allow for more intense workouts in the weight room for even more strength. It won’t make a crappy athlete a hitter but it will make Major League type talents extraordinary.

  5. Why are steroids so bad? Players use steroids knowing that they are bad for you but aren’t steroids good things? Really, take a second and think about it. Would people watch baseball or football if the players are not exciting? I think steroids are the best thing for sports. Players on steroids equal money for sports owners, why not legalize steroids?

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