Jacobs’ Ladder

Well, the Diamondbacks can’t see Mike Jacobs leave town too soon. But the bigger question is, what do the Mets do with him? Jacobs is just up from spending most of the season at AA Binghamton, where he batted .321/.576/.389 in 433 at bats, impressive numbers but not necessarily numbers that scream “big league star” in a 24-year-old in his second crack at AA (he batted .329/.548/.376 there in 2003 before having 2004 ruined by injury: Baseball Prospectus translated that as .285/.493/.328). The major issue is patience – 35 walks and 94 K this year, 28 and 87 in 407 at bats in 2003, 25 and 95 in 467 at bats in the Florida State League in 2002. He’s reportedly not much of a defensive catcher and has little defensive experience at first base. In short, he looks a lot like Jason Phillips 2.0.
But projecting him to stardom or even giving him the everyday 1B job now (Minky has hit well when healthy since his horrendous May, so the Mets will want him back when he’s ready) or the everyday catcher’s job next year is one thing; sending him back out when he’s this hot is another. Even if everyone gets back healthy, I’d keep him as a bat on the roster over, say, Jose Offerman (Jacobs has hit 4 home runs in a week; Offerman’s never hit more than 9 in a full season).
UPDATE: Combined batting line for Wright, Reyes, Floyd, Piazza, Castro, Diaz, Mientkiewicz and Jacobs since the All-Star Break:

669 215 46 6 35 124 141 71 103 31 6 .321 .565 .387 16

Wow. The highlights include Wright batting .383/.667/.448 (making him fifth in the majors in slugging, fourth in OBP, first in batting average, tied for first in runs, and second in RBI in that stretch; his OPS of 1115 compares well to Pujols at 1113 and Manny at 1130), Reyes batting .321/.457/.355 (leading the majors in hits and steals and tied for second in triples), and Castro with 20 RBI in 58 at bats. Now, if they can just get Beltran’s home run swing back . . .

4 thoughts on “Jacobs’ Ladder”

  1. Jacobs may never have more of a career than, say, Kevin Maas, but if he could have the first month of Maas’s career right now, that would certainly help. Given the generally poor quality of the other options at 1B, I see no reason not to give him a look.

  2. Two words: Shane Spencer.
    Ride him now, and worry about sending him back when, in the words of Billy Beane, “Tatoo shows up to take him off the island.”

  3. I love Beane.
    Yeah, I do think the Mets should ride Jacobs for what he’s worth, although Castro is also awfully hot right now, so that means 1B. He may have time to ride out the streak before Minky gets back anyway.

  4. This trip is off to a damn good start. Ryan McConnell better stay in Mexico until the Met’s head back to Flushing.

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