30 Days

Over the next 30 days, starting with tonight’s game against the Phillies, the Mets play 28 consecutive games against teams with winning records that are either in the playoffs (the Cardinals), probably in (the Braves), or still in the race (Phillies, Marlins, Nationals). This would be an excellent time for Carlos Beltran to have a month of hitting like Carlos Beltran, among other things, and for Kris Benson to shake off whatever has been bothering him his last two starts.
This is, of course, what we Mets fans have been waiting for. But I can’t help but feel that, when it’s all over, we will be looking back at two or more of these games that were blown by Braden Looper as being the point where it all got away.
UPDATE: Seconds after I post this, Beltran goes deep for the first time in a month.