Pack Your Bags

Braden Looper, having now lost his closer job, proves tonight that he’s equally capable of blowing a lead in the 8th. Time to shut Looper down for the season and have the doctors get to work on whatever’s been sapping his sinking fastball.
Go to #3 on this list for the guy the Mets need to pursue this offseason. (And for those of you having Benitez-vu, he’s also #2 on this list over the same time period).

5 thoughts on “Pack Your Bags”

  1. BJ Ryan? Oh hell yeah. But if we can’t land a closer on the market, why is Heilmann not being considered by the organization?

  2. I agree. Heilman has been really found his niche for the Mets in the ‘pen. He came through the other night in the 12-inning game against the Fish.
    Any updates on the Manny-Carlos deal?

  3. Ryan’s a stud, no doubt about that. But any indication the Orioles will shop him? Assume Mets would have to talk Milledge or Petit (which I think is worth exploring), but still can’t see the O’s even thinking about it. They talking about giving Julio another spin?

  4. Free agent, huh? Hmmmm, niiiiice.
    I’m with you on Heilman’s talent — 3:1 K:BB; 1K/IP; keeps the ball in the yard; fastball moves like crazy. And given the choice of bullpen goofball vs. the rotation, I’m in your camp. But let’s say they can’t get Ryan or Wagner or someone else who can do the job. Then Heilman, and not Flooper (think about what the “F” stands for) or 42 year-old Roberto Hernandez has to be the option. In fact, even if they get a closer, Heilman may be the guy to pitch the 8th, and part of the 7th on occasion. Pedro, Glavine, Seo, Benson, Trachsel. That’s a decent 5 man rotation. And only Pedro would be as valuable in the pen as Heilman would be. Not married to this; just some grist for the mill.

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