Bill Simmons, on getting to touch the Red Sox World Championship trophy:

During Saturday’s game, some of the Red Sox employees were kind enough to bring me and my buddy J-Bug into their offices to show us the 2004 trophy. At least, I think that’s what happened — laying eyes on that trophy was like seeing someone remove their head, then hand it to you and say, “Hey, here’s my head.” There’s simply no adequate reaction other than complete disbelief — not just that it was the World Series trophy, but that it belonged to the Red Sox.

2 thoughts on “Trophy”

  1. I’ve touched the Orioles’ world series trophy (the 1983 version) the Colts Lombardi Trophy (from their Baltimore days) the Stanley Cup, the Grey Cup (CFL football), the Calder Cup (minor league hockey), and seen the Maryland Terps champsionship basketball trophy.
    It never gets old seeing that stuff.

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