Quick Links 10/19/05 (Non-Supreme Court Edition)

*Chris Lynch thinks it’s time to start thinking about Larry Walker as a serious Hall of Fame candidate. I’m not sure about that one, but Walker shouldn’t be penalized for his home park, as he really has been a fine hitter everywhere he’s been.
*Powerline has the text of a motion to dismiss the second indictment of Tom DeLay. It certainly sounds like DeLay has valid grounds to dismiss the indictment, on the basis of the statutes at issue not covering his conduct and, possibly, improper venue. (There’s no shame in being acquitted on technicalities when you are charged with a technical offense in the first place). But then, criminal defense attorneys often make arguments that sound persuasive until you see what the facts or law really are; I don’t know enough about the Texas statutes in question to know if this holds water.
*Comedian/actor Charles Rocket has committed suicide. Maybe it’s just me, but I could never keep Rocket straight from John Heard. I think it’s just that they shared a similar stable of facial ticks.
*Jeff Goldstein notes the massive allocation of resources to arrests for marijuana possession. I’m generally – if somewhat weakly – in favor of criminalization of marijuana (in part on a broken-windows theory), but the problem with enforcing the law against pot is that you end up with a choice between (1) using vast resources better spent elsewhere or (2) enforcing the law in an arbitrary manner (and as we all know, a law arbitrarily enforced is far more susceptible to being a law discriminatorily enforced). This is one reason why I think the federal government, at least, should get out of the pot-busting business and leave to local governments the decision of what resources to allocate to this area.
*Leon H has a disturbing story about an affiliate of the American Girl doll company.
*Here’s a bizarre headline about North Korea: “Report: Kim has chosen 2nd son, an NBA fan, to succeed him.”
David Stern’s long arm grows ever longer.
*Mike Brown should be thankful that in the US, scapegoats only get fired.
*A word in favor of today’s soldiers. And a word about recruiting from someone who knows.
*I haven’t looked at the legislation in detail, but I agree with Instapundit that a Congressional effort to promulgate rules for the handling of detainees is a good thing, for reasons I’ve explained before.
*This, also via Instapundit, just amazed me. Next up, UK Committee on Un-Islamic Activities? We’re at war, and our allies are rotting from within.
*A stolen vote of the type you won’t hear much about.

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  1. Larry Walker has long been a fine player, but I think that once you bring his stats back to sea level, I’m not sure he’s a better player than Bernie Williams, who’s no HOFer. Walker has played 150 games in a season only once, and his non-Colorado career bests in HR and RBI’s are 23 and 93.

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