BUSINESS: Ignoring The Globe

Circulation plunges at the Boston Globe:

The Times Co. said yesterday its Boston paper’s weekday circulation plunged by nearly 8 percent over the past six months compared to last year – dropping 35,000 copies to 416,000, despite heavy marketing and steep price discounts offered by the newspaper.

Via RedHot. To be fair, this time last year, the hometown Red Sox were marching to the World Championship and hometown Senator John Kerry was in the heat of the presidential election. On the latter story, at least, for all its biases, the Globe did break national news a number of times. It’s hard to replicate those conditions every year.

2 thoughts on “BUSINESS: Ignoring The Globe”

  1. I would expect that the Red Sox are almost sigle-handedly responsible for the decline. People who buy the paper to read about politics always buy the paper. Sports fans buy it when they are into what’s happening in sports.

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