9 thoughts on “NLCS Preview?”

  1. Attila-
    Hell, yes. Good move.
    Oh, and the pricelessness got even pricelessnesser.
    (Or something like that.)
    The Beltranator goes deep in the bottom of the 9th . . . off Izzy.
    8-7 Mets. Yessssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!

  2. I know you guys are all Mets fans (or mostly so), but as someone who grew up a Cardinals fan I have to honestly say… the Cardinals are in BIG trouble.

  3. Notwithstanding his “diving catch” off Reyes in the 1st (in which he turned a routine, humpback liner into a near-triple before recovering . . . barely), that dude you’ve got in LF is a butcher.
    His horrendous drop of the Reyes pop-up in the 6th was a key play.

  4. Chris Duncan season OPS: 1.073 (i know, 170 AB)
    Preston Wilson season OPS: .712
    Well, at least there’s one bright spot in the outfield. (Juan Encarnacion is not a bright spot). However, this bright spot is indeed a butcher with the glove. But hey, defense really doesn’t matter much.
    And Mark Mulder pretty much screwed any lucrative free agent contract he had coming after this, his last year of indentured servitude.

  5. I thought it was odd to see LaRussa pinch hit So Taguchi for him in the 9th.
    Then again, I think LaRussa often outmanages himself, so it shouldn’t be a surprise.

  6. Mike, LaRussa ia an idiot. You of all people should know, a George Will book does not a genius make. He is the white Dusty, a manager whose making is a media driven myth. Stupid managers need the most love! Kidding aside, one world series with the crew he had in the late 80’s? Torre would have had 3, Bobby the V 4. LaRussa is Madden, Einhorn is Finkle, LaRussa an ass.

  7. Abe-
    Ohhhh, I know. I razz him all the time. The Genius.
    Didn’t Wlie E. Coyote also refer to himself as such?
    And What Is Up with the freakin shades in the dugout during a night game??? Is he a blind singer on his nights off?

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