Hamo, Hamas, Hamat

Hamas government of Palestine is ready to fall:

The Hamas-dominated Palestinian cabinet led by Prime Minister Ismail Haneya would resign within 48 hours, well-informed sources said on Thursday…The move was part of preparations for forming a new Palestinian government with the participation of Fatah, paving the way for the resumption of badly-needed Western aid.

Fatah – corrupt and terrorist-friendly – regaining the upper hand isn’t good news either, but if nothing else the Palestinians have been focused more on going at each other lately instead of Israelis.

One thought on “Hamo, Hamas, Hamat”

  1. Bad news only because the choices the Palestinians have faced for decades was always the frying pan or the fire. Any group deserves better than the gangsters that have come to the fore. It’s a sad day for someone’s history when Yassir Arafat is your founding father. Sadly, you can easily substitute the name Fidel Castro, and there is not one bit of difference.

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