Compare and Contrast

Rod Dreher offers some pointed exemplars of why it’s preferable to raise teenagers in a culture, or subculture, that is supportive of avoiding unmarried teen sex than, well, the culture in which so many teens in this country are saturated. It’s another example of why we can’t let the periodic failings of individual political or religious leaders convince us to abandon the goal of defending virtue.

One thought on “Compare and Contrast”

  1. I really don’t think it’s the sex that’s the problem, it’s the violence. Teenagers have been having sex, even when they shouldn’t, since we started packing 46 chromosomes. I know of quite a few folks (they are now grandparents in their 70s) who had children 7-8 months after marriage. Far more than I would have thought.
    The Dreher article mentioned a lot about the music. Now there it starts being different. Such as the differences between the Beatles, who wanted to hold your hand, and the Stones, who wanted the hand to pull you in. Music now, and that means lots of hip hop, rap, whateverthehell you call it, seems to stress violence; in assault, rape and far more. There were, and are, zillions of songs about love, but I doubt there were many, except for wartime propaganda, that spoke of violence and killing in such a casual degree. Until recently.
    The Taliban banned music, and for a good reason: it’s the most visceral, and I think, the most important of the arts. It reaches into your soul.

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