BUSINESS: The Nose Knows

You can’t convince me that McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts don’t already do something like this. The smell from their restaurants is always stronger than you would expect solely from the cooking process.

2 thoughts on “BUSINESS: The Nose Knows”

  1. Every real estate broker knows this and tells their clients to bake bread during an open house.

  2. When I was in college, I had an old prof that was a boy during the depression. A woman on his street baked bread and had him sell it door-to-door. He said he all he had to do was knock on a door and raise the dishcloth that was covering the fresh baked bread and he had a sale. He convinced the woman and himself that he was a top notch salesman, so she had him sell some hand knitted blankets next. He never sold a one.

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