Six Car Pileup

Another morning, the sun rises, I get out of bed…the Mets’ efforts to kill me having failed for another day. My head hurts even contemplating the effort that goes into David Pinto’s daily calculations every September of the possibilities for a massive tie for the wildcard; you can check out today’s here. Bottom line:

So with five days left, we have a long shot at a six-way tie, and two possibilities for a five way tie. On top of all that, the Brewers gained a game on the Cubs, so we could end up with a tie in the NL Central as well. There is a very small chance that the regular season ends with half the National League teams still in the playoff hunt. . .


[A] six-way tie results in two days of playoff to determine the division winners, then two days of playoffs to determine the wild card. Who doesn’t want seven extra single elimination games?

(Raises hand)

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  1. I think it’s kind of amazing/alarming that with five days left in a pennant race in which they are fighting for their lives, the Mets are going to give Phil Humber his first major league start rather than pitch Pedro on normal rest.

  2. Re: Jerry: I don’t think you need the “kind of” qualifier. But this has got to be the oddest Mets season since ’87. I mean, the Mets could just as easily end up with the best record in the NL as be out of the playoffs come Sunday (or Monday, or Tuesday…)

  3. (Raises hand along with Crank)
    I am always amused by Pinto’s fascination with the massive tie. Theoretically it sounds cool, but it would also be a nightmare. And frankly, since many of the games would probably be played during the day, we wouldn’t get to see a lot of these tiebreaker games.
    Dr. Manhattan:
    There’s always something with the Expos/Nationals and the Mets’ playoff chances. Sigh.

  4. Speak for yourself – I am blessed with nightwork that lets me stay home with my sons during the day – a massive tie and plenty of day games would be glorious.

  5. I have been having with my issues with watching the Yankees crawl back from the dead (14.5 back) but ultimately the Sox (other than 1 horrendous game against the Yankees and pretty much every close game Gagne has pitched in) have played fairly well (they will be a couple of games off of their 50-31 first-half) while the Yankees have simply been on fire. To watch the Mets simply stink it up in every way possible down the stretch must be gruesome. My girlfriend says she won’t watch another Sox game until they clinch because she just can’t take the stress. Good thing I am not a Mets fan. She’d be out on the ledge. Ugh.

  6. What I find interesting is my father in law’s reaction. He is 91, and blames Randolph. He doesn’t like Willie using the kids, like Pelfrey to start. Doesn’t want to hear that if Willie had Seaver at 26, he would happily start him. He also blamed Randolph for the double play that Reyes turned that let in the last Washington run. Said Randolph didn’t train him properly. My own feeling was Reyes was dead right. You get the guy at the plate, you get one out, maybe. The way the Mets aren’t pitching, you get 2 any way you can.
    That’s why, as always,Herzog was right. To paraphrase, it’s easier to find 4 guys who pitch than 12.

  7. I mean, the Mets could just as easily end up with the best record in the NL as be out of the playoffs come Sunday
    If you don’t count the one-game playoffs as regular season games, with a four or five-way tie the Mets (or any of those other teams) will end up with the best record in the NL and be out of the playoffs.

  8. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am numb and disgusted. It is a hard team to root for. While I would like to see them in the playoffs, this historic collapse says volumes about the utter lack of character that appeared as the Cards handled them last Fall. There’s no 1986 in this squad. No Mez, no Nails, no Kevin Mitchell, no Ray Knight, no god damn fight. The Cards mocked them after winning last year, with the season on the line that’s the best they could do? I want them to right the ship, but increasing I’m longing for this team to shut up and far, far away. Pathetic.

  9. I finally figured out who to blame for this train wreck. Can’t be Willie; he gets them hitting and certainly trying. The pitching is terrible, and the staff is not doing any facet of its job. The staff Omar assembled? His fault? Don’t think so. They were doing great until the !@#%$& cover came out.
    I blame Sport’s !@#$%$& Illustrated.

  10. As a Phillie fan I am delighted we are in it at this point. It is exciting and it has been a really long time for us.
    I’m glad the Phillies have done so well, not that the Mets have had trouble.
    The Mets and Phillies have several heroes in common: Tug McGraw, Lennie Dykstra, Roger McDowell, and Ritchie Ashburn. Frank Thomas, an original Met, almost propelled the Phillies to a pennant in 1964.
    Let’s hope for a head to head showdown, may the better team win!

  11. That was the best part. Can you see Willie with a mirror, his credit card, a $20 and a few lines of blow? He would totally go Woody Allen (Annie Hall) on it.

  12. That might be the right move. Anyway, with the Phils in control the season looks like it is down to the last 6 outs. Wow.

  13. Love Beltran, but I’d rather see Rusty come back from the dead than Carlos at bat with the game on the line. He is small in money at bats. They had their opportunities and come up dreadfully short. Team O Chokers, this is remarkable.
    New proposal: the team stays at Shea until they win a World Series.

  14. I love Beltran, he is a great player. I am amazed he did not miss games after his recent re injury. That said, I would rather see ANY position player at bat if the season is on the line. Excepting the wild run of the Stros, it is not his place.
    Any thoughts on what happened to Reyes? Did he run himself into the ground? Has he been feuding with Willie? This tank just does not happen if that kid is healthy and coming to play ball, period.

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