How Hot?

Jayson Stark:

Did we just say “the hottest lineup ever to march to home plate in the annals of 103 Octobers?”
Yep. We sure did. Which means … hotter than the ’27 Yankees. Hotter than the ’36 Yankees. Hotter than “The Big Red Machine.” Hotter even than the 2004 Red Sox.
Seriously. We can say that because this makes three straight postseason games now that these Red Sox have scored in double figures: 12 runs in Game 6 against Cleveland, 11 more runs in Game 7 against Cleveland, and another 13 runs in Game 1 of the World Series.
So let’s see now. How many other teams have ever rolled up more than 10 runs in three consecutive postseason games? That would be . . . exactly . . . zero.

That’s true, but while the Sox have scored 36 runs in their last three games, it’s actually not even the club record for scoring over 3 postseason games. In 1999, they scored 44 runs over the last three games of the ALDS against Cleveland. They missed Stark’s list only because the first of those games they scored 9 runs rather than 10.