The Big Spread

Seriously, did you ever expect to see a team that was (1) the defending Super Bowl champs, (2) undefeated 7 weeks into the season, (3) playing at home, (4) against a team they beat in the playoffs the previous year, (5) who just lost their leading rusher for the season…and be a 5-6 point underdog?
I’m not saying the oddsmakers are crazy, given how the Patriots have played this season, but it remains an astonishing set of circumstances. As for the “Game of the Century” hype…um, don’t we expect these same two teams to likely meet again in the playoffs?

4 thoughts on “The Big Spread”

  1. Well, it is probably the biggest regular season game since the Giants and Niners played in 1990. As far as the spread, of course, the object of a point spread is to get half the money on either side. Which has been nearly impossible with the way the Pats have been playing.

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