9 thoughts on “The Sad Thing Is…”

  1. I think the list is so judgemental, it’s missing more than it should. The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Gilligan’s Island, Mr. Terrific, Captain Nice.
    Why are some of them not on that list? Because funny is hard to do, and funny is funny. And Bosom Buddies was funny; also, anyone who watched it got to see a very young and insanely talented Tom Hanks. And how many of us thought he and Peter Scolari were a long standing comedy team, rather than just two talents who made each other better?

  2. Daryl, the difference between the shows on the list and the ones you named is the long time sustainable storylines. Most of the shows on the list that were good, didn’t have a storyline that could stand up to time.
    The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres and Gilligan’s Island, as an example, churned episode after episode with few duds. They were able to keep the story fresh. I guess that points to the quality of the writers.
    Some otehrs that maybe should be on the list…Knight Rider and Logan’s Run?

  3. I’m obviously way too old (51). Half those shows I never heard of. I never watched even a minute of any of them.
    Green Acres actually had a lot going for it. The culture shock of Park Avenue in the farm belt is certainly a worthy source of humor. It may have been done in a silly way, but the concept is worthy. Beverly Hillbillies led the way in the other direction. Given the popularity of Andy Griffith and Gomer Pyle, not a surprise.
    In all these shows, there were actually characters that people knew from their own lives. The problems with the shows on the list in the post is that no one can identify with crazy people on a space garbage truck.

  4. What about the 70s “Spider Man” TV series? Cheezy special effects and bad 70s plotlines.

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