3 thoughts on “Not Ready for Prime Time”

  1. If you want to have a real laugh at Huckabee’s expense,a post on his insights regarding evolution vs. creationism and the 6000 year old Earth are real knee slappers.
    An apology actually is appropriate on behalf of the US-Bhutto would not have subjected herself to the physical danger she faced in Pakistan if not for the insistence of the United States in using her to give Musharaff a modicum of legitimacy.And at least Huckabee seems to have some knowledge of who Bhutto and Musharaff are.I can remember a Republican candidate for president in 2000 who didn’t know who the leader of Pakistan was-that would be the same Pakistan that has the second largest Muslim population in the world and is one of eight countries possessing nuclear weapons.That’s sure worked out well.

  2. A sad day for Pakistan, but a telling one for us. Now, deep down, after hearing this news, and its ramifications for the US, think about who you would want in the Oval Office for this?
    John McCain would be my first choice, Joe Biden my second, and then I’m not so sure. McCain is too conservative for my taste, but then, he is a great man, and we have too few of those to cast them aside.

  3. Biden never met a policy he didn’t like. McCain, if not for his pander to the religious right, would have been a very acceptible candidate for this left-centrist…but hanging with the Bob Jones crowd, even for a minute, makes you not worthy of taking office. Huckabee is a joke…Republicans have a big field but no one of value…McCain is the closest…

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