PERSONAL: Trust me, I’m aware of my circumstances

Posted by Ricky West

Today, my little girl turns 11. 

My, how time flies.

So, a few weeks back I ask "what do you want for your birthday?"

Her answer: "I want you to take us to see the Braves".

With all the choices out there; a Hannah Montana CD, a trip to some play
zone, a dinner at her favorite restaurant, some video game or toy,
clothes….my little princess wants to go see a major league game with her
Daddy.  As she slowly moves from little-girl into budding-young-lady, I
keep thinking back to that lil’ pumpkin that introduced me to parenthood. 
All the dads out there know, you don’t just love your daughter simply because she’s
your daughter, they cause you to fall in love with them.  Sure,
there are tons of love songs about a man and a woman, but when a daughter blinks
her little eyes at her dad, that is the true epitome of a melting heart.  She’s my
little girl, my princess, my first born and along with her brother & mom, make
what is my world something to look forward to each and every day.

So, while you’re having dinner or watching the Olympics, I’ll be viewing the
Cubs likely pummeling my Braves (the Cubs are my #3 team, behind Atlanta & the
BoSox).  However, the actual outcome of the game isn’t important at all, as
I’ll be sitting beside my little girl, my little middle-schooler, watching
a major league baseball game at her request.

Yeah, I’m that lucky.

3 thoughts on “PERSONAL: Trust me, I’m aware of my circumstances”

  1. Yup, my little girl is 26 but she still melts my heart. A father-daughter relationship is unique and special.
    Now if on her next birthday she say “Dad take us to see [insert you favorite musical group here]”, boy is she something special! 😉

  2. When our oldest was about 1 1/2 my wife found a cartoon showing a father on all fours carrying a little girl on his back (who, I think, was holding reins.)
    A woman is looking on with a knowing smile.
    The caption read
    “Next on Oprah, fathers who will do anything for their daughters …”

  3. Wait until you get a daughter-in-law. I have two boys and recently my first daughter-in-law (who is living with us). Wow! Talking about new experiences, but we seem to be forging a good relationship. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

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