Hit and Run

I’ve admittedly been in hiding a bit on the baseball front the past few weeks, partly out of bitterness/depression over the end of the Mets season, partly with stuff going on at work, and of course partly due to being wrapped up in the election and the bailout and having some labor-intensive posts on the topics (I have some long-brewing baseball posts as well but none that are close to completion).
Anyway, hope to be back on the beat at least in time for the LCS…for now, about the last bit of news the Mets bullpen needed was an arrest warrant out for Ambiorix Burgos for killing two women in a hit and run accident (although perhaps needless to add, for perspective it helps to remind yourself that this turned out worse for the women than it did for the average Mets fan). I assume this is curtains for Burgos’ baseball career.
UPDATE: If it makes you feel any better, Brian Bannister had a 5.76 ERA this season. Actually Bannister seems like a good guy, I hope he rights the ship, but it’s a reminder that a good head without a real good arm isn’t really that much more useful than the opposite.

4 thoughts on “Hit and Run”

  1. Yeah, it is a strange one. Last year I felt it, saw it coming. This season up 3 seemed like a solid lead, It was not. Just a game, but it was a rotten way to close big shea. And the Mets over our lifetime have been a lot of things. Until now chokers were not one. They are, they forever will be. Maybe it is part of the Wilpon curse, building dodger lore into the organization. While they resided in the Boroughs they choked season after season.

  2. It may not be the end of Burgos’s career (Leonard Little is still in the NFL), but it really should be the end of his Mets career. The Mets are needy in the bullpen, but they shouldn’t be that needy.

  3. If the Wilpons wanted no part of Wally Backman, who actually has a heritage of baseball intelligence, not to mention a Ring he earned, then why would they want to continue with Burgos?

  4. You’re feeling bitterness and depression about the Mets, Crank? Go pay a visit to Cubs fandom, and ask us how we feel about our team. I’m one of the more stable ones – I’m optimistic about having a consistently competitive team, for once, no matter how this season ended.

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