Does The Greenhouse Even Work?

Matthew Hoy looks at some new scientific research on whether the causal mechanism ascribed to manmade global warming even works. As is generally true with complex scientific theories about causation, there’s no “case closed” moment here, but it’s another piece of the puzzle for those who view such things with scientific skepticism rather than religious/political fervor.

5 thoughts on “Does The Greenhouse Even Work?”

  1. Crank goes for the perfect score on the unintentional comedy scale — “those who view such things with scientific skepticism rather than religious/political fervor.”
    Yes, folks, that’s the GOP, far right wing nut variety, showing scientific skepticism, not religious fervor.

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  3. I’ve long believed that the strongest argument against man-made global warming (or is it “climate change?”) is that when the Norse first landed in the Western Hemisphere they came from Greenland, where they successfully farmed and raised cattle.
    If the climate was significantly warmer a thousand years ago (which it had to be to make parts of Greenland fit for agriculture) how can anyone fall for the “man-made” part of global warming? Excluding, of course, those who believe that Viking marauding was facilitated by their extensive use of SUVs.

  4. Well, faced with compelling logic like that from Magrooder, I have decided to become a Democrat.

  5. stan,
    The Democrats suck. You’ll be better looked after by liberals.
    Don’t forget the plan. Now that the GOP has dug a hole and jumped in (complete failure), we need to bury them under 60 feet of steel and concrete so they can never again screw the citizens of this country. Once that’s done, we’ll look towards the Democrats and say “you’re next”.

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