WSJ looks at misspellings on the Stanley Cup:

This iconic silver trophy, which is handed out each year to hockey’s champion, carries with it the marks of another, quieter history — decades of botched spellings, spacing gaffes, repeated words and the unsightly results of attempts to fix them.
Over the years words like “Ilanders” (Islanders), “Leaes” (Leafs) and “Bqstqn” (Boston) have found their way onto the cup, while more than a dozen players and coaches have had their names butchered. Former Montreal Canadiens goaltender Jacques Plante had the misfortune of having his first name spelled four different ways in the span of five years.

2 thoughts on “HOCKEY: Teh Cup”

  1. I’m sure any NHL player would be content to have their name mispelled four times in five years on the Stanley Cup. But how is it the NHL can’t find somebody who can spell “Jacques”?

  2. Jerry, as a reason for the spelling errors I’m voting for one too many pucks in the kisser. Only so many hits to the head before you really don’t know as much as you used to know. Also, not that I have any use for them, but Plante played prior to mandatory helmets (and was the first goalie to wear a face mask in a game if I’m not mistaken), so you have to consider the deck they were dealing from in those days.

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