One thought on “No-Hittable, Part II”

  1. I saw a handful of Clemens’ bids as well as Wakefield’s. Where I always thought Clemems would seal the deal on one (or more) of them I never have been under the illusion that Wake would. He is one of the best knucklers of all time and has, in stretches, clearly (earlier in his career) been the most dominant but it is just not a pitch conducive to getting 27-30 consecutive guys in a row out (excluding walks of course). I have always been surprised that Clemens never got it done back in the day considering the other stuff he did (20K games, 24 win seasons, low ERAs). That Pedro never closed one out baffles me however. How THAT guy never through a no-no is amazing. The 1-hitter against the Yankees in 1999 was the most brilliant game I ever saw. He literally made 1 mistake the whole game and it turned into a dinger. That easily could have been his no-hitter. So much luck in those games, both ways.

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