Just This Once

Cool list of things that have only been done once in baseball history. H/T Some of these are familiar, others less so, and of course a few of them are gags or gimmicks.
You could make a longer list. Offhand, the obvious one to add would be Ed Reulbach in 1908 being the only guy ever to throw shutouts on both ends of a doubleheader (with bonus points for doing it in September of one of the game’s most heated pennant races).

7 thoughts on “Just This Once”

  1. Crank,
    Reulbach was the only one to throw a doubleheader shutout? Huh, I thought Iron Man Joe McGinnity did it as well. Not sure how to research that further.

  2. Tatis hitting two grand slams in the same inning off the same pitcher strikes me as exceptionally unlikely to be dupicated. Talk about a pitcher being in the doghouse 🙂

  3. It’s unfair to cite to the minor leagues, because then there would be a LOT of “only been done once’s”. However, I think it should be worth noting what I think is the most impressive feat ever. Wonderful Monds hit a solo homer, two-run homer, three-run homer and grand slam in one game. I played against him in AA and he’s a good dude, too!

  4. The Mets just traded for the least productive regular of the previous year. I’ll bet that’s never been done before.

  5. I was at the game where Tatis hit two GS’s in the same inning. It was very exciting. I was 12. McGwire didn’t do much as I recall, but Tatis more than made up for it. JD Drew hit a homerun as well, which made my little brother Drew happy. Fun game.

  6. I thought that Rickey Henderson had been caught stealing four times by Bob Boone in a game in 1982–turned out it was only three. Still quite a day for Boone against a guy in the process of shattering the single season stolen base record.

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