7 thoughts on “Young and Stupid”

  1. Great sketch, but I hated the punch line. Don’t get me wrong, the Jonas Bros. aren’t my cup of tea, but – speaking as the father of an 11 year old girl and 9 year old boy who is trying to raise his kids as a Christian should – my kids LOVE the Jonas bros and Mylie Cyrus/Hannah Montana.
    And I don’t mind that a bit.
    Because the ‘big’ things amongst the youth before those two acts broke through were….Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.
    So, don’t push the JB’s over the shark, yet, Craig. Let’s have a fallback position in place, first, and I’m not up to date on Zack & Cody at this time.

  2. RW, I agree with that. The Jonas Brothers seem like pleasant, harmless fellows. And they’re at least talented enough to be plausible at their job – I’m not aware of them having any songs a grown man would listen to, but if they did, they seem like they could pull it off. There are many worse examples of the worship of youth and idiocy.

  3. I agree. Each generation has its pop idols that, when you recall your infatuation, make you cringe. At least the current group promote decent values.

  4. Actually a good bit-until the punch line. I mean cmon the Jonas Brothers are harmless. That said, if you look at pictures of children up until the early 50s-they look like little adults-small suits even hats-but now it is inverted where you have people in their 40s, 50s, 60s trying to dress like young kids and it is sad.

  5. Paranoid would be a good song if it was sung by someone else. Does that count?
    I thought he would segue into talking about how in certain circles it’s the COOL thing to be uneducated. That’s the trend that fries me more than clothes or looks, the idea that if my daughter is really smart, gosh, she better hide it so she’s not labeled a nerd.

  6. And I’ll add, in the bipartisan spirit, that the Jonas Brothers skit with Alec Baldwin on SNL (he being the 4th Jonas brother, aka the Donut brothers) was the bomb.
    Hulu it.

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