This Is What Else Can Go Wrong

Note to self: stop asking “what else can possibly happen to the Mets this year?”
I don’t necessarily agree with Filip Bondy’s suggestion that the Mets shut David Wright down for the entire season after last night’s concussion-inducing beaning – you don’t want to ice him too long and make him gunshy – but I’d at a minimum keep him shut down for a full week before even considering playing him again. The season is lost, Wright’s the Mets most valuable asset, and the team’s incompetent medical staff proved clearly last season with Ryan Church that they cannot be trusted to evaluate head injuries.
UPDATE: Mets have put Wright on the 15-day DL. It’s the right call.

6 thoughts on “This Is What Else Can Go Wrong”

  1. I agree. After everything else that has transpired this year, the Mutts need to just cash their chips in for this season. But saying Wright is done for the year is premature. You need something to build upon. If he’s done, well then, fine! But no one should assume this posture, yet!

  2. I would think Wright can come back after 15 days. But there’s no reaql need for him to do so, and they should play it safe.

  3. It is the right move-no pun. That said, Crank why does the Mets constantly debase their franchise-yet another uniform-oy vey. We have had the Cubanos uniform, the Martian Mets uniform,etc and now the throw back NY Giants unifom. This withthe added nonsense of the Jackie Robinson Pavilion-how many games did he play at Shea or for the Mets, hell he played more games at Yankee Stadium. Hey Mets-the Dodgers and the Giants are still around.They are active franchises, let them celebrate their heritage and you worry about you own.

  4. If I were a Mets fan, I’d be watching NFL exhibition games right now. It’s just ugliness.

  5. Off topic here but just thought I’d let the baseball crowd here know I have an article published on The Hardball Times ( today on the greatest individual second half flops of the Divisional era. I wish it had not been inspired by Jason Bay’s post-All Star Game effort but it sort of was. Give it a look. Would love feedback on it from folks here.

  6. jim – Bay is back on track now, 6 HR in his last 10 games, it must have been your article that did it!

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