5 thoughts on “Olerud Part II”

  1. It makes sense for Wright to wear this the rest of the season, since the risk of post-concussion damage is greatest if you get two close together (like Church last year). But I’ll be surprised if he’s wearing it next season.

  2. I understand the necessity of that particular helmet, but the comedic effect is pure awesome. It reminds me of a baby’s head, out of proportion to the rest of the body. I keep giggling in expectation of seeing him struggle to crane his head up, only to have it inevitably fall limp.

  3. Given that players are reluctant to wear the helmet because of the way it looks and that it no doubt offers better protection against serious injury, this is a toally irresponsible post.

  4. Magrooder, get a life. Players are also reluctant to wear the facemasks that some little leaguers have on their helmets, which “no doubt offer better protection against serious injury.” Do you think that’s attributable to fans/bloggers poking fun at them? Or does it have something to do with them inhibiting play?
    I’m sure his teammates are teasing him plenty about it. I don’t think he or any other player will sweat what fans are saying about it.

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