3 thoughts on “The Age of Consent”

  1. 2003 Academy Awards-listening to lefty scumbag moralists attack George Bush for 3 hours and then applaud wildly as the Best Director Award goes to child rapist Roman Polanski-these people are parody proof.

  2. Did anyone read Anne Appelbaum’s column about it? She claimed that he’s suffered enough as he wasn’t able to come to the Academy Award ceremony to pick up his Oscar and bask in the glow of his peers. The poor guy, I’ll bet his 6 European houses could barely pick up his spirits after that disappointment.

  3. 2001-2009—listening to righty morons go on and on in defense of the Unitary Executive Theory, then turn around and whine because Obama might do something they don’t like*–these people are parody proof.
    *or wave away $9 billion of tax-payer money gone missing in Iraq, while hyperventilating about being fiscally conservative.
    If God didn’t want Ruppert Murdoch leading a bunch of moron Americans around by the nose, he wouldn’t have given them nostrils.

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