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  1. dch: Your musical criticism, like your political statements, is devoid of anything resembling a sound argument and reflects an absurd conflation of personal opinion and absolute truth.

  2. dch, I agree with you.
    Shine A Light is perhaps my favorite Stones’ song. I like Monkey Man quite a bit also.

  3. I would not claim that this song is better than, say, Satisfaction or Sympathy for the Devil. But then, being in the top 10 Stones songs is pretty elite company, and this is maybe top 15 or 20. I do think it’s at worst the third best song on Exile on Main Street (behind Tumbling Dice and Happy), which is already saying a good bit. And yet, mostly unknown except to Stones fans.
    Not a huge fan of Monkey Man, but it fits in with the rest of that album.

  4. No Larry my “political opinions” are generally not opinions, they are arguments backed up with actual facts and history. on the other hand, almost every lefty poster on this site either 1) “forgets” , developes amnesia or ignores every and any fact, event, evidence, etc that doesn’t support their view on whatever subject or 2) either creates, misrepresents or repeats facts, events, evidence that do not and had never existed.
    People such as me then call these people on their lies, misrepresentations, omissions, gaps in logic. Of course since people like you can’t handle that- we are then personally attacked.
    So if you are going to make incorrect, false, misleading statements-someone here is going to challenge you on it.
    Now regarding music-a persons likes or dislikes are up to their personal taste, they are subjective not subjective.

  5. dch: You have no idea what my political views are. I am more than happy to call out liberals or conservatives who put forth conclusory statements without backing them up. Here, you said, “A lot of bands best songs sometimes are the lesser known ones.” That was the entirety of your argument. While I don’t know if you have the musical background to even attempt to form a coherent analysis of what makes a good song (I certainly don’t), you certainly could offer an example of a band or two whose “best song” are lesser known. But you didn’t do that. And I merely noted how that lack of thought consistently comes from you.
    And your response here, to presume you know something about my political beliefs and to lump me in with people I may or may not have anything in common with, is also par for the course for you.
    One thing in your response that is new (at least of your posts I’ve seen) is your quick attempt to play the victim here. I pointed out an obvious flaw in your argument – it’s a sweeping generalization that is pure opinion with nothing offered to back it up. That is an indisputably accurate characterization of your one-sentence claim. That you fail to realize that and instead get indignant and shift into attack mode about such an inconsequential argument is exactly why you are not worth engaging on more serious topics.

  6. I”m an innocent bystander here and maybe I should shut up, but Larry, I don’t think dch was presenting an “argument” in his initial comment. And you’re the one who shifted into attack mode by lambasting him out of the blue for his off-the-cuff observation about bands’ songs.
    The observation that a lot of bands best songs are not the well known ones is, I think, so overwhelmingly obvious and recognized, that I’m not sure it requires a detailed defense.
    Anyhow, far more interesting and constructive (to me), would a discussion on whether there even are objective criteria to what makes a “good” rock or pop song. I contend there are definitely objective standards in the appraisal of rock/pop songs, but usually people disagree with me and think it’s much more subjective.

  7. Enough with this bickering. Let’s just all agree it’s a good thing we don’t have to rely on cultural and political conservatives for our listening enjoyment.

  8. Enough with this bickering. Let’s just all agree it’s a good thing we don’t have to rely on cultural and political conservatives for our listening enjoyment.

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