Gee, I Had Not Thought of That

Lindsey Graham exposes the extent to which Attorney General Holder simply doesn’t have a well-thought-out plan for how to handle interrogations of captured enemy combatants in a way that makes a rational distinction between those who should be given Miranda and other warnings in preparation for civilian prosecution, and those who should not. It’s impossible for anybody involved in battlefield detentions to watch this video and come away with any sort of guidance from the nation’s chief law enforcement officer. As a number of people have pointed out, whatever this is, it isn’t the rule of law.

UPDATE: And Leahy doesn’t even think there’s any value in interrogating bin Laden.

2 thoughts on “Gee, I Had Not Thought of That”

  1. UFB. And this is Lindsey Graham, (Harvey RINO Milktoast) grilling him not some firebrand conservative.

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