No Molina

Excellent news for the Mets yesterday as the Giants re-signed Bengie Molina, saving Omar Minaya from possibly giving a contract to a 35-year-old catcher who had a .285 OBP last season and runs like a library. I mean, Molina’s still OK defensively and has some pop, so even with the bad OBP he’s not a terrible backup option, but the Mets already have Henry Blanco, who is perfectly well-suited to that job and probably a better glove, and they have Omir Santos as well. What they should be doing is giving Josh Thole the chance to win the job and possibly provide some real offense. Thole isn’t anything special but has the potential to maybe be an AJ Pierzynski-type hitter in his best years, and if he’s not ready, Molina would not be that much of an upgrade on Santos and Blanco.
Instead, the Mets are reportedly looking at Yorvit Torrealba, who has batted .258/.316/.394 the past four seasons while playing in Coors Field. Does Thole secretly have the bubonic plague or something?

2 thoughts on “No Molina”

  1. The Mets made a bad choice by not offering Molina a 2 year deal. The Mets have a very mediocre pitching staff and they need a veteran behind the plate to lead the way. Now the Mets are stuck with a catcher without experience. The Mets are in disarray and in big trouble in 2010.

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