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  1. I am a little confused, wasn’t this a miserable failed quagmire that we were involved in so that we could steal all their oil….I mean thats what the left and the media screamed at the top of their lungs with wide eyed fury for years……and they are never wrong

  2. WTF are you whining about dch?
    This war took less than 6 months to win and cost the US less than $15 billion total. Besides, we were greeted as liberators.
    Tell us again how you don’t completely shovel shit from one end of the internet to the other just to cover up the felonies of the right-wing. More fiction please!

  3. hey mental midget I understand, like the good brain dead liberal that you are you are really sad about us winning.
    The Iraq army was defeated within 3 weeks and then the insurgents came in and were mowed down by our boys and the vision, leadership and stick to itness of George W. Bush to not quit and run away-also known as the miltary policy of the Democratic Party since about 1970. Its fascinating when anyone asks you or any of the others to point to comments you always make-the war wouldn’t cost much, Bush said Saddam was behind 9/11 and Bush said we would be in and out quick-they can never be found. Now go back to your fingerpainting and maybe the hospital staff will reward you with grape jello when they come to change your diaper at noon.

  4. There are so many flawed assumptions in this guy’s post that it is hard to know where to begin.
    The first, and critical, one is that those who opposed the war do not honor or respect those who served and those who gave their lives in the effort. That claim is insulting.
    Second, he writes that “Our friends died in this cause. There is no honor in their death unless we complete the mission they died fighting.” On what basis is “completing the mission” prerequisite for their deaths being honorable? This assertion makes no sense — ordinary soldiers following orders and undertaking a mission (assuming lawful orders, etc.) are acting with honor irrespective of whether the mission is completed or not.
    Third, he never identifies what he defines as “victory.” Many continue to question what “victory” is with respect to this war. Removing Saddam. Defeating the Iraqi Army? OK, we did those things. It can’t be nation building because the right hates that concept. Iraq is a mess, those people suffered and continue to suffer deprivation. Insurgent attacks still occur. Sectarian strife still exists.
    There is the framework of a civil society and that certainly is an accomplishment, But what was the cost, both in lives and dollars and, more importantly, in taking our attention off the terrorist network that attacked us on 9/11? What we achieved was no even close to being worht the cost. But if it helps David Bellavia sleep at night, there is no harm inhis beleiving it to be true.

  5. dch,
    Funny line about “quit and run away” coming from a moron who prays to the vision of Saint Ronnie of Cut and Run.
    Here’s a simple query that will keep you up for months: What did Reagan do quicker? Cut and run from Lebanon or turn the US from the worlds biggest creditor nation to the worlds biggest debtor nation?
    Let’s just say he did both faster than you can say “Jackie Robinson”.
    BTW, you’re right about Bush not saying in and out of Iraq quickly. That was the jenius (yes, with a “j”) that he made his Sec. of Defense.
    As the Worst President Evah would surely tell you, “Good help his hard to find.” (see his Sec. of State, Rice or his AG, Gonzalez for further proof).

  6. Lebanon was a peace keeping mission not a war.
    Budget deficits started 12-13 years before Reagan was president. When Carter was president the dfeicit went up by record amounts and the debt was the highest under him. When billy Boy Clinton was president the debt went up by 1,8 trillion and that was the largest amount ever. When obumbler will be in office for about 2 plus years that will be the largest amount ever. So as frigging usual you have no fing idea what your talking about.
    You might want to look at the polls and the impending electoral tsumani coming your way because it looks like tha american people have decided on the worst modern President.
    BTW anything yet on halliburton? about the US taking Iraq’s oil? anyone been indicted yet you know for the ” war crimes” that you and the other tards have blathered about for years??? Come on I mean they way you and the other tards have been talking it should have happened years ago-I mean its not like the Dems and the media just treated you like a chick at a gang bang.

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