Ramping Up

Regular readers have undoubtedly noticed that things have been quiet about here lately. Partly that’s work and family time commitments, and partly I’ve been using Twitter more for links and one-liners, and doing more longer-form posts for the blog, but I’m also at the point of the year where I’m ramping up on the preseason baseball previews, which require a lot of development time. I’ve also got something else baseball-related in the works that took a lot of time and won’t be out for a bit.
I’ll be back to talk about good news for the Mets, if there ever is any.

4 thoughts on “Ramping Up”

  1. Good for you, you have a life and committments. Would that more people did.
    As for the Mets, the best news is that they haven’t made another costly long term contract for an aging player. Alex Cora is about as bad as it got this year.
    But what is it with those multiyear deals to mediocre players? It seems transgenerational; Steve Phillips did it, and now Omar does it too. Which causes me to wonder if it’s something imposed from above.

  2. Good news for the Mets? That would be midseason when Omar and Jerry are fired. (Yes, it’s spring training and we are already calling to fire Jerry and Omar.)

  3. Do the Mets have any more donations for the Royals? I was thinking maybe Johan for oh say Kyle Farnsworth!!! Have Omar give Dayton a call!!!!!!

  4. I’ll be back to talk about good news for the Mets, if there ever is any.
    Well, I’ll miss you Dan. Be sure to post at Red State! 😛

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