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  1. That was a most unpersuasive opinion piece that you linked to from TownHall.com. Comparing a mosque to a Japanese history museum at Pearl Harbor? There are mosques all over. You can’t assume that jihadists will use the mosque or that it is an intentional slap in the face to 9/11 victims. I also don’t know how the government can prevent the mosque from opening. Would seem to be a clear Free Exercise violation. The nasty comments to the article tell me what would happen to that mosque – vigilante response would destroy the place.

  2. Crank,
    I’ve been reading your site for years. I’m an unapologetic and honest liberal who likes to keep tabs on the enemy.
    The star of your show is Berto. He has the balls to do what few liberals do: scoff at a mass murder in our home. He’s brave enough to know that if none of your friends or family were murdered on that day, it’s the perfect advantage to nihilistically jab at a deep, slow-healing wound in our country’s history.
    We liberals purport to be more intelligent, more open-minded, and less hateful than conservatives, and so when a Berto suggests all of that is entirely false, it’s worth it if he’s trying his best to be hateful to a conservative. We all need attack-dog types who bite first, second, third, etc., and think last, if they even let thought in the way at all.
    Heil Berto!

  3. George w. Bush was a conservative. Not a liberal (nice try by the RNC to paint him one pots-President, though).
    In fact GWB was President of the United States when this “mass murder” (as Ike says) took place. Yet he didn’t have any need to look into how it went down. He was against the formation of a commission to look into the particulars. Then, when he caved to the pressure of the people (because, you know, he’s so resolute and all—-ha ha ha ha) he stonewalled it, underfunded it, and made Condi Rice his Sec. of State when she lied about it to the commission.
    Meanwhile, Crank has no problem with any of that. He’s just making believe he cares about 9/11 to score cheap political points (what else is new?).
    How about you, Ike? Can you help explain why 9/11 was so important to you, when the POTUS on the day it happened didn’t think it was that important?
    See, Ike. I actually thought it through.
    BTW, you’re gonna be REALLY shocked when you find out those who support the Iraq War really don’t give a shit about Iraqi citizens either (even though they make believe they do).

  4. Berto,
    Sometime you sound like a libertarian and other times, a Troskyite, and other times, Noam Chomsky. Which is interesting: you are quick to disparage about everything but I’ve never see you present what your philosophy is or what your solutions would be for the world’s problems. And do you really think GWB met the textbook definition of a conservative? He wasn’t–unfortunately.
    With respect to Hawkins’ article: I think his second point (that mosques are usually built in places of conquest) is the best one. Overall, I don’t see how his other points mesh with the idea of a free and tolerant society. It would be ironic–radical Islam attacked us partly because they hate the freedoms this country allows its citizens; yet, we’d then deny Muslims the freedom to build a mosque where they want? In a strange way, allowing the mosque would illustrate that we’re going to continue to be a free, tolerant nation.

  5. I wouldn’t go that far, maddirishman. HW Bush was not a conservative. George W was our second-most conservative POTUS since Coolidge, but of course he was conservative on some issues (national defense, taxes, the judiciary) but moderate or in some cases neoliberal on others (spending, size of government, immigration).
    Berto’s just doing shtick, people.

  6. Crank knows schtick. He’s been using that “make believe I really care about 9/11” schtick for almost 9 years now.
    I get the impression it gets his goat that I call him on it every time he tries it. (That’s what I’m here for).
    Modern conservativism is based on 2 rules:
    1) Corporate profits shall be privatized.
    2) Corporate expenses/ costs shall be socialized.
    The rest of modern conservativism is just filler used to help enforce the 2 rules.

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