Harry Reid finally reads the health care bill, discovers that it’s bad for Nevada and pleads with HHS for relief. This would be hilarious if what the bill visits on the nation wasn’t so sad.
There are few people in politics more embarrassing to watch than Harry the Insult Comic Senator, a nasty little man who lashes out at better men, who famously and wrongly declared the Iraq War lost, who had to apologize for touting Barack Obama on the grounds of his lacking a “Negro dialect,” who never can see above bitter and petty partisanship. The fact that he’s now reduced to begging for exemption from the very legislation he championed is a fitting coda to Reid’s career.
UPDATE: Jim Geraghty takes a look at Reid’s and Sharron Angle’s campaign strategies, and mentions a few more Reid lowlights I had passed over, like his insistence that no illegal immigrants work in the construction industry in Nevada (granted, most of Nevada’s construction industry is unemployed these days).