11 thoughts on “Ignorance”

  1. Actually, the best hatchet job on the “originalists” is Justice Thomas’ dissent in Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association (aka the violent video games case). That decision is proof that the man should write opinions as frequently as he asks questions in oral argument.

  2. Funny how the usual moonbat trolls don’t want to engage on the actual subject of the post. Probably because they don’t want any part of trying to refute the utter smackdown that AW delivered to the penumbrist morons over at TIME.

  3. They don’t have the intellectual capacity to read Worthing’s piece, let alone deal with it.
    The funny thing is, the folks at Time won’t even be embarassed about this. To be Left is to know nothing of shame.

  4. Sponge, you talk about shame while your leaders act like children? The most important budget negotiations to go on in a long long time, and their response is:
    1. Take their ball and go home
    2. Scream and kick and have a tantrum over a moderation of tax rates too low to be unsustainable.
    3. Claim that subsidy removal (also called a budget cut) is a tax all of a sudden
    What’s next: hold their breath until they turn blue (well red in their case)?

  5. Daryl,
    Sponge ain’t discussing that right now. If he was, he’d have to admit what anyone with a modicum of economic understanding knows: we have a revenue problem, which has caused the deficit.
    As for TIME Magazine, what do you expect from corporate-owned media in the US? Job One continues to be misinforming and distracting the American public.
    That’s one of the main reasons the country is circling the toilet. You can’t have a representative democracy if the electorate isn’t informed.

  6. Sure, Obama blows $830 billion on a failed stimulus/handout package, but the problem is revenues. Good job, Corky!
    Can you dopes ever stay on topic? You can be as hilariously stupid on the topic we’re discussing, I’m just sure of it!
    C’mon, say something ridiculous defending Time magazine.

  7. Sure, the wars you supported were free.
    Sure you support federal taxes being at their lowest rates in 6 decades.
    Now if only we could do something about that scary deficit.
    Moron or Liar? Someday you’ll let us know which one you fall under.
    C’mon, say something ridiculous defending Time magazine.
    I can’t. TIME Magazine is a corporate entity. Tax ’em and regulate ’em. Or in Conservative speak, give ’em a tax break and allow them to show “the other side” (not just that stupid reality).
    On topic enough for you FF?

  8. Spongie, I am so surprised at you. So much of the stimulus money was in tax breaks, so how could that ever ever ever be a bad thing? And much of the rest has come back to the treasury already. So, uh, you find any of the $700 billion Bush gave away?
    Hey Berto, you are on to something. That’s a good idea. Let’s have Fair and Balanced Reporting. Just like the balancing act between the Daily Show and all of Fox. Both write comedy. Only one does it based on the truth, and Fox uses all of Mark Twain’s lies, damn lies and statistics. And both Fox and Mr. Clemens loved a good whitewash story.

  9. Darryl is so ignorant. The banks have paid back the money they were given by Bush with interest. Porkulus was epic fail increasing the deficit

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