You too can ask President Obama a question on Twitter, using the hashtag #askobama. Of course, the tiny fraction of those tweets to be answered will doubtless be carefully screened, and the answers vetted before posting them. I’d say Saturday Night Live should satirize this, but it already did, the last time something like this was tried as if it was a totally brand-new idea, in March 1977:

6 thoughts on “#AskObama”

  1. They all screen for these kinds of things. Wrong in a way, but let’s face it, cranks, rude morons and all sorts of idiots get through. Where were you when the Bushies were making sure that citizens who happened to be carrying the “wrong” kind of signs weren’t allowed at public events?

  2. I don’t recall the Bush Administration hyping his speeches as interactions with a broad cross-section of the general public.

  3. They couldn’t Crank; they refused to allow a cross section of people in to where he was.

  4. After millions marched against going to War in Iraq, Bush said he doesn’t make policy based on focus groups.
    What Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Greenspan and defense contractors told him notwithstanding.

  5. “Jeez, the crazy around here is just relentless.”
    Mark it on your calendar. spongeworthy and I just agreed on something. Just wondering what took you so long, sponge?
    Although I wouldn’t call it crazier than when Crank went back-to-back with the non-mosque at the non-ground zero site, and the one on the deficit which left revenue out of the equation.

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