9 thoughts on “Open Thread 10/2/11”

  1. I would vote for Roemer if he wasn’t a republican.
    I would donate to his to campaign if he wasn’t a republican. I will never vote for a republican because then I would be voting against my own interests.
    Sondra M. Kaplan

  2. Cranky- I’ve been looking for a baseball post on the incredible last games of the season discussing the collapses of Boston and Atlanta and comebacks of Rays and Cards, and maybe a little something on the Reyes batting title punk-out… C’mon bro, are you still Baseball Crank or not?

  3. Gad, do I ever wish. So you’re still coping with income envy, eh? Do get over it, bro.

  4. Income envy? Pshaw. As Maxwell Smart would say, “Missed it by that much.” (while measuring the distance by pointing to the Pacific Ocean).
    BTW, money isn’t everything. For instance, my net worth is at least $20 billion more than Bank of America and Citicorp combined (I’m not bragging, yours is, probably, too), but I am still way more susceptible to prison time if I commit a felony.
    Why do you suppose that is?

  5. You’ve made insufficient donations to BH Obama?
    Cordially, and still below the 28% marginal rate…

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